Friday, 3 August 2007

More For Your Money

You just gotta love the internet....

Checking out your favourite authors website is deffinately worthwhile these days, there seems to be just tons of lovely stuff on them. Not just information on release dates etc but really good stuff. Extra stories for free, between the books chronicles, even diaries of characters. There's all that and more. I've been browsing, and I am a happy lady.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Bad, bad girl

I know, I know, I know....

I promised I was going to finish up my "what I'm reading" list before picking up any other books - especially the, oh so tempting Laurell K Hamilton book which I really did try resisting....
Yes. I gave in.

But I have a good reason... really!

I was working my way through the list pretty diligently but I made one mistake. Usually, I can have several books on the go at once and can happily put them down and pick them up without needing to do any back reading, or at least, not very much. The one exception to this seems to be one of the books that was on my list - 100 years of solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I'd just found a good pace with the book, despite two of its problems: 1) most of the names are too similar and 2) it is pretty surreal. Anyway.. I'd gotten to page 92 when in between, I picked up another book. I read it, enjoyed it, then picked up the Marquez again. As I started to read, I realised I didnt have a clue who any of the characters were. I read back a little, to no avail, and so I've decided not to try to continue from page 92. I'll have to read from the begining again if I'm ever going to finish it. So having abandoned that book, I set about reading some of the books I have from the local library, I read the Laurell K Hamilton and have basically been loving everything I've read - reviews will follow.