Wednesday, 4 July 2007

What I've Read #2 - The dead of Summer - Camilla Way

This was the next book in the pile on my bedside table....

I think reading this book after Camus' meant that I give it a slightly higher mark than I otherwise would have. It tackles one or two of the issues in The Outsider - murder, alienation, normality... but it is no way in the same league as The Outsider. One of the reviews printed on the front cover claims the book to be a modern classic in the making... I really didnt think so.

While, it has to be said, the book is very atmospheric, I found it to be a mish-mash of other novels - Catcher in the rye - JD Salinger, The body - Stephen King, A secret History - Donna Tart, The Outsider - Albert Camus, The Virgin Suicides - Jeoffry Euginides and anything by Virginia Andrews are the ones that spring to mind. Not bad comparisons I don't suppose, but I found this to be a book I could really have seen myself enjoying at the age of thirteen (incidentally, this was my opinion when I read the Euginides book.).

It was an 'okay' book though I probably wont be reading it again.

I give this book a 6 (I was going to say 5 but it gets an extra point for the sustained atmosphere throughout the book)


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