Thursday, 8 March 2007

For Le Laquet

My lovely (and patient) shoe-lovin', Swansea sister....

Who mentioned that she could do with some pointers to the directions of some good books...
It's been a little while, so, forgive my slowness sis!

Here are some of the books I've enjoyed recently:
Kafka on the shore - Haruki Murakami
Shipwrecked Sailor - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Horrific sufferings of the mind reading monster Hercules Barefoot His wonderful love and his terrible hatred - Carl-Johan Vallgren
Midsummer night's dream - ole shakey
Slaughterhouse 5 - Kurt Vonnegut
A moveable feast - Hemmingway
Children of men - P D James
Perfume - Patrick Suskind
Careful what you wish for - Alexandra Potter
All the Anita Blake Vampire hunter novels - Laurell K Hamilton
The secret of crickley hall - James Herbert
The observations - Jane Harris
The testament of Gideon Mack - James Robertson
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova

I'd also highly reccommend The Time Traveller's wife by Audrey Niffenegger, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini (excellent book) and Chart Throb by Ben Elton

Hope theres some in there that you havent read and do fancy.



gdtownshende said...

I saw the movie CHILDREN OF MEN. How's the book?

An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life said...

I bought the book absolute years ago.. and I read recently because I want to see the film. (I still have my

The book was pretty good... I think I gave it a seven out of ten. It lost some points because a relationship between two characters changed so abruptly and became unbelievable. Otherwise.. I did enjoy it.