Monday, 26 February 2007

My Book Nook

I have settled here into this little nook.....

It's nice and quiet, it has chocolates in abundance, wine on tap and books everywhere.

So, why the new home? I hear you ask... Well, as much as I like the other place, This place is pretty much just about book-talk.

I plan on talking about book club choices, putting up some links to author websites and the such like and adding lists of the books that I own.

I've seen a few blogs that do this, and being naturally curious (read, nosy) about what others are reading, I thought it only fair if I included my own little collection.

Anyway... what are you reading right now?


MrGonSings said...

I've have just started James Joyce's ULYSSES... It's been there on the shelf for a long, long time and I hope now it's finally the time to (have all the time) to read it (it' no short novel, you know!)... Not read that much to dare for comments yet, but I'll try to drop a few words later, once I have a better picture...

Nice cozy spot to drop by for a cup of tea and some book chat you've set up here!


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Hey there girl! Nice place you got here!

Currently, I'm in between books...but I have ordered the new "Heart-Shaped Box" by Stephen King's kid (who wrote it under the name Joe Hill).

I'll let you know how it is!

Al said...

Currently reading "The Gift, poems by HAFIZ" translated by Daniel Ladinski. That and an old John D. MaDonald paperback.

If you like poetry, give HAFIZ a whirl, and he will give you a whirl right back.

Anonymous said...

Currently reading something very boring and educationy an iidea for a next read would be swell!


An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life said...

mrgonsings - So very good to see you again :)))
I will certainly look forward to reading your review of Ulysses. :)
Thanks for the compliment on my cozy corner :)

Peanut Queen - Why thank you pretty Queen :). I'm pretty interested in the "heart-shaped box" myself, so I am looking forward to knowing what it's like. Just make sure you nab it before the PK does ;)

Al - I will certainly look up Hafiz, on your reccommendation. I dont think I've read any John D MacDonald he worth giving a whirl too?

Laquet - There have been quite a few books that I have recently read and enjoyed.. what are your particular preferences for reading material?

To all - thanks very much for stopping by here :))

Al said...

I wouldn't go out of the way to read McDonald. He died about 30 years ago, so the books are dated. The one I am reading mentions BETAMAX tapes. Does any one even remember BETAMAX? If you ran across a copy of "The Green Ripper" it's worth reading.

gdtownshende said...

Al - I remember BETAMAX. :P MacDonald is a good writer anyway, regardless of how dated his books are.

Extraordinary - I like the new blog! :D I'm currently reading THE DANTE CLUB, by Matthew Pearl, and am hoping to finish it today or tomorrow. It's an historical mystery, set in 1865 Boston, with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes, James Russell Lowell, and J. T. Fields — America's first Dante scholars — as the main characters and detectives extraordinaire. It's a very good book!

Pearl has another book I'm interested in, THE POE SHADOW, another historical mystery, with the mystery centering around the suspicious circumstances of Edgar Allan Poe's death. I haven't purchased this one yet, but it is on my Amazon wishlist. I'm not sure what I'll be reading after I finish with THE DANTE CLUB, though. I'm also still reading Lawrence Block's TELLING LIES FOR FUN AND PROFIT: A MANUAL FOR FICTION WRITERS. Not sure when I'll finish that one.

Le laquet said...

Sadly I will read anything ... people have to take the ketchup bottle out of my hands at the dinner table.

My most recent read has been A Good year (Peter Mayle book that the Russell Crowe film was very, very loosely based on) ~ brilliant!

An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life said...

Al - I a Macdonald happens to saunter my way, then I think he may be worth a perusal....
*makes a note of "the green ripper"*
thanks :)

MIR (MMIR???)hehe - I'm glad you like the new blog :))) I did start one of these absolutely ages and ages ago.. i think i did about two posts and it floundered horribly.. i cant even remember the address of it now.. or the full title of it.. still.. i think this one is nice. Once I have some more time on my hands, the links etc etc will be going up.

Le laquet - Rather than reccommend anything just here in the comments.. I think I may do a post about the books I've most enjoyed recently. How about that?